ECP Therapy for Sport

How is ECP used in Sport?

Many people engage in Sporting activities as a preventative health measure. Getting fit and maintaining fitness improves general health. Whether you are an Elite sportsman or keen amateur.

ECP can contribute to your training programme. The ECP Sports programme is shorter and can be repeated on a regular basis if required to benefit cardiovascular health. ECP can also be used during periods of injury or rest to maintain cardiovascular fitness.

Enhancing Performance with ECP

Research undertaken by the the Brisbane Broncho’s rugby team has demonstrated significant performance benefits from Counterpulsation. Versus standard post match recovery techniques, players who used adjuvant Counterpulsation had an 11% improvement in their power output.

ECP therapy improves recovery time and allows the body to “exercise without exercising” through the passive blood flow that this method provides.

ECP Sports Programme

The first visit entails a health questionnaire and then individualised screening as required.

The standard programme is 10 sessions. Each session last 45 minutes in total with 30 minutes of therapy with 15 minutes of preparation time.

Top up sessions depend on individual choice. Some choose weekly sessions, others prefer to have a course of sessions. 

Once assessed you can choose the sessions that suit your training programme and lifestyle.

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