Frequently Asked Questions

In the first treatment, the pressure in the cuffs is increased slowly whilst you get used to the rhythmical squeezing. In subsequent sessions, the pressure increase can be achieved more rapidly. 

Our therapists are experienced in delivering ECP therapy so will be able to answer any questions you have during the session. 

This will vary depending on your condition – there are different programmes for sport, heath and cardiac clients. Visit our Cardiac, Health and Sport sections to read more, or get in touch to discuss the programme most suitable for you.

Some clients on the longer cardiac treatment programme opt to have two hours of treatment per day, with a short break in between.

ECP therapy is available in Harley Street and Wimbledon. Therapy times can be tailored to suit your needs with early morning , evening and weekend appointments available by arrangement.

We have treated clients from Southend to Scotland. Many cardiac clients choose to stay locally whilst having treatment. Our staff can help you plan your treatment programme, accomodation and travel arrangements. All of our treatment centres are close to public transport links.

The supervising doctor will assess your current medication as part of the pre-assessment investigations. Changes to medication will be made as required during the treatment programme. The supervising doctor will liaise with your GP or other doctors involved in your care.

You will be provided with leggings to wear under the cuffs. We also recommend wearing a loose fitting top or T shirt.

ECP therapy is covered by many of the major insurers including BUPA.

Each individual policy will need to be checked and an authorisation code obtained prior to treatment.

The funding criteria are specific and may differ according to the level of cover available on the policy.

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