Assessment for Before Treatment

Why is assessment needed?​

Pre treatment screening is undertaken for all ECP therapy clients. This includes a health questionnaire and a blood pressure check. Other tests may be necessary, depending on your age.

A small number of people have conditions that they are not aware of such as weakness in the aorta (abdominal aortic aneurysm) or stiff heart valves. Screening for these conditions is part of the health and wellness ECP therapy.

We conduct an Individualised risk assessment​

Cardiac patients will need to be fully assessed by a Consultant cardiologist to decide whether ECP is an appropriate treatment for their individual cardiac condition. Other conditions such as erectile dysfunction and depression may have a concomitant cardiac component which would need to be assessed.

Are there side effects?

Side effects are usually mild and transient, often disappearing altogether after the first few treatment hours have been complete.
Skin tingling: This results from cuff pressure. This is easily rectified with simple padding at the site of soreness.

Tingling in the feet: This is common at the beginning of a treatment course and is likely to be due to the intermittent reduction in blood flow to the feet during cuff inflation. It usually settles without specific treatment, but can be helped by switching off the calf cuffs when necessary.

Muscle Aches: Initially some individuals report aching limb muscles. The squeezing action of the cuffs is likened to a strong massage or a gym work-out, so the aches are not surprising. As muscle tone and strength improve with ongoing treatment, these aches soon disappear.

Urine Frequency: Treatment increases blood flow to the kidneys by up to 25%, which produces a diuretic-like effect. Older individuals may need to interrupt a treatment session to go to the toilet.
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