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Can I have ECP?

ECP increases blood flow to the heart, which opens and expands networks of small blood vessels within the heart called collaterals. Clinical studies indicate that these channels create “natural bypasses” around blocked arteries, boosting blood supply to oxygen-deprived areas of the heart, decreasing symptoms of heart disease and increasing quality of life. 

Pre assessment

Pre treatment screening is undertaken for all Counterpulsation clients. This includes a health questionnaire and a blood pressure check. Other tests may be necessary, depending on your age.

A small number of people have conditions that they are not aware of such as weakness in the aorta (abdominal aortic aneurysm) or stiff heart valves. Screening for these conditions is part of the health and wellness Counterpulsation programme.


During treatment the cuffs rapidly inflate in time with the heart rhythm, squeezing the arteries and veins in the lower body. The Counterpulsation therapist will gradually adjust pressure until an effective treatment effect is observed. During the therapy participants can relax by listening to music or watching TV. Some people even sleep!

After treatment

Once a treatment session is completed and the cuffs are removed the individual can get up, dress and leave the treatment centre immediately. A complete course of ECP comprises thirty-five, one-hour sessions, spread over four to seven consecutive weeks. These can be one or two sessions a day according to personal preference.

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