ECP Therapy for health

Is ECP therapy only for Cardiac patients?

ECP therapy is a powerful form of exercise for the whole body, similar to a hard work out at a gym, but achieved whilst lying down at rest. It can improve cardiovascular function and has been used by many individuals as part of regaining a healthy lifestyle even if they do not have cardiac disease.

Am I at Risk of developing Cardiac disease?

Many factors can contribute to cardiac disease.Many factors can contribute to cardiac disease. Modifying risk factors can reduce the risk of a cardiac event in the future.

Reducing the risk of future cardiac issues through the contribution of exercise, healthy eating and reducing obesity to a healthy lifestyle are well known. However, many of us simply cannot face the gym or do not know how to begin.

What is my risk?

If you have a significant family history of cardiac disease or heart attack it may help know assess your own risk factors and modify them accordingly.

The ECP therapy pre –assessment process will investigate your individual risk factors for cardiac disease and give advice about any necessary investigations.

ECP therapy in conjunction with individualised health advice can improve cardiovascular health and has actions on many parts of the body that could reduce risk of developing cardiac disease in the future.

Which risk factors are important?

High blood pressure (hypertension) 
High Cholesterol
Sedentary Lifestyle
Metabolic Syndrome

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