Counterpulsation for Angina

Why do we get Chest Pain?

Chest pain is a distressing symptom that can vary from a sensation of Crushing, stabbing, burning or choking feeling. There are a number of causes of chest pain including the heart. 

When heart problems lead to pain the condition is known as Angina. People with angina typically experience a heavy feeling on the chest, sometimes spreading to the neck and left arm. It is a sign of a potentially serious problem with the heart. The problem is typically thought to be do with inadequate blood supply to the heart muscle.

How does ECP help Angina?

ECP helps the heart by reducing the amount of work it has to do. This reduces the demand on the heart. Likewise during the relaxation (diastolic) phase and also helps passively fill the hearts own blood supply via the coronary arteries. ECP has been shown to reduce angina, extend the time to ischemia and increase exercise tolerance in patients with symptomatic Coronary Artery Disease.

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