External Counterpulsation

Safe, non-invasive treatment for the heart

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What is external Counterpulsation?

Counterpulsation therapy:

The groundbreaking treatment which improves cardiovascular health

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Counterpulsation is a safe, effective, non-invasive treatment that improves endothelial function. Counterpulsation is also know as External Counterpulsation (ECP), and External Enhanced Counterpulsation® (EECP). Counterpulsation improves cardiovascular function and can be used to treat angina, microvascular angina and heart failure. In some patients it can be an alternative to open heart surgery.

Safe, Effective, Non-Invasive treatment for the Heart

Counterpulsation is the only clinic in London offering this ground breaking treatment. Our experience team, led by Senior Cardiologist Dr Robin Roberts MBBS FRCP, have been treating patients with this therapy for more than 12 years

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Sport ECP

ECP can be used in Sports recovery and performance. Clinical studies in elite athletes have shown significant improvement in perormance and recovery following counterpulsation.

Cardiac ECP

Counterpulsation has been used by Cardiologists for many years to to treat angina and heart failure. It can be an alternative to stents and bypass surgery. It can be safely used after a heart attack as part of the rehabilitation process

Health ECP

Are you concerned about developing heart disease? Do you already have risk factors? Counterpulsation is a powerful form of exercise for the whole body. Counterpulsation can improve your health and wellbeing by improving your cardiovascular function.

Counterpulsation therapy should be considered for symptomatic treatment in patients with invalidating refractory angina.

This recommendation was made by the European society of Cardiology based on a review of over 250 published scientific papers and the long-term evidence of the benefits of the therapy. Counterpulsation is widely used in the USA, China and other parts of the world to successfully treat cardiac disease.

European Society of Cardiology 2013

1 Harley Street is the first Clinic in Central London offering External Counterpulsation therapy

Chest pain (angina) seriously affects quality of life. It can persist despite angioplasty, open heart (bypass) surgery and maximal drug therapy. Many UK doctors are not aware of Counterpulsation therapy. It is widely available in the USA including in the World famous Cleveland and Mayo Clinics. In microvascular angina (Cardiac Syndrome X) the large blood vessels in the heart are normal but chest pain continues, limiting daily activities of life, medication may not help. Counterpulsation can reduce or remove chest pains.

There is no need to suffer in silence. Contact us to discover if you would be suitable for this life changing treatment. Senior Cardiologist Lead Clinician Consultant Cardiologist Dr Robin Roberts has over 30 years experience. Latest Technology Counterpulsation uses the Renew™ NCP-5 machine. Counterpulsation is safe, effective and clinically proven. Experienced therapists Our therapists undergo a rigourous training programme and provide individualised care. Patient Choice We pride ourselves on our patient care pathway, our individualised care and our ability to provide patient choice.